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A young child slipped past windowed glass to
frolic near the forest grass.. The green trees
beckoned with gentle breeze.. Flowing with
swirled caresses of the leaves.. Ahh! Playing
ever so gently in her hair.. She slipped her
clothes to feel the air.. Knowing that only
forest eyes were there.." I belong here with
you always!", she cried.. "Under the blanketed
night sky to hide.. From all the noise of
daytime care.. I will never belong out there!"
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But, time and age overtook the child.. And
worldly cares did they beguiled.. Forgetting all
the promises made.. When under night skies
she played.. Till all was remembered .. but
never regained..only her memory of that night
retained !
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Bones and flesh grew old and weak..
But in her mind did she repeat..that magical
night under the sky.. where forest trees did
bid her nie!! Passing in the night of souls
blest.. Into a forest did this one soul rest! A
Shadow dancing in the night..A Shadow so
joyfully sprite!
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sequoyah Feb 14, 2000
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I am proud to say I keep company with sequoyah. She is the great grandaughter 3 times removed of Chief Sequoyah. Chief Sequoyah made the alphabet for the Native Americans.

She has a beautiful web site with more of her wonderfully enchanting poetry and inspirational messages here. This proud Cherokee woman of unerring faith is someone I am proud to call "friend." Her poetry is presented here with her permission. Please visit sequoyah's Universes. Tell her wompie sent you.

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Some of the PSP tubes I used to make this page came from Jane's. The background is a Bev Doolittle painting from Destiny's Designs.

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