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Maine 4

July 12, 1999

Juicey and I tour all the pawn shops in the area. Lots of $5 CD's. I found a John Lee Hooker and a Bobby Dylan. Juicey finally found the Fleetwood Mac "Dance" CD for me. Cooked liver and onions for supper.

July 13, 1999

Got directions to Daniel's house. Plans to drive up Friday afternoon went awry when B*U*D announced, "The car needs ball joints". Ditto on our plans to tour Salem's witch museum this afternoon...regroup. Go to Sack & Save to sniff bread. Get spaghetti stuff and ingredients for strawberry shortcake. Band practice cancelled. Surf the web with Brianna, B*U*D's niece. She talks with dish on icq and checks out wompie's and Juicey's web sites.

July 14, 1999

Bill and B*U*D fix the car early. We all make another trip to Rochester to meet Leslit and pick up photos.

leslitc.jpg (15213 bytes)

Click to see a larger image of Leslit.

Home for an early supper of wompie pissghetti, onion-rye garlic bread and homemade biscuits made into strawberry shortcakes. B*U*D suffers through "Les Miserables". Way more culture than he wanted, but he watches nonetheless...good boy! Heat and humidity are creeping up on us again...air conditioner tomorrow.

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