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Man oh man, doncha love life when it's so kool out!

Wanted: Junk motorcycles-any make,any size,will haul in nh/vermont/me/mass

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Cuteness in stereo

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Free Wheelin' Spirit

by Mike Lackey

I won't bow to another who'd make me his slave,

I'm a free wheelin' spirit, who's steadfast and brave;

I roam when I want to, and stay when I dare,

And when I get lonely, and the feelin' is right,

I booze in the bars and seek girls in the night;

I drive a hard bargain, that's the way I know best,

And you can bet I'll be kickin when they lay me to rest.

Ya! I'm a free wheelin' spirit who won't settle down,

And free I'll remain, till I'm dead in the ground.

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