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Howard Cook
"Alabama Cotton Pickers"

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The South is steeped in tradition, rich in cultural heritage. Southern drawls range from barely perceptible to so thick and syrupy they seem to drip off the speaker like the Spanish moss drips off the trees in the Southern regions. Conjure up a land of sultry, humid days spent lazily sipping mint juleps on the veranda. A land where every occasion is remembered for the food that was served and how much of it. A land where the rolling hills of the North give way to the sprawling-for-miles flatland farms of the Delta to the Coastal regions with their white-sand beaches and that Mighty Mississippi River rolling into the Gulf of Mexico. Explore with me, if you will, the ever-changing face of the Deep South.

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  • State of Mississippi ~ State Government Home pages, Other Mississippi Web Sites, Federal Government, Educational Institutions

  • Southern Living Magazine ~ All things Southern - travel in the South, gardening tips and design, homes and interiors, food and hospitality

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  Things Mississippi is famous for:

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Natfl718.jpg (32284 bytes) Its Magnolias

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Pplw2021.jpg (26782 bytes) Its "Steel" Magnolias

  • Southern Women Webring ~ Southern women have a large presence on the web, and this is a positive avenue to unite these beautiful and gracious women.

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  • SWAP ~ Southern Women Authors Project ~ A gathering place for study of the lives and works of women writers from the American South

  • Sweetmamapam's Southern Hospitality ~ Southern Memories, Mississippi Seasons, Mississippi Holidays and more

  • Lone Rose's Useful Links ~ Women and the Confederate Experience

  • HeadLadee's Home Page ~ A nostalgic journey of growing up in the South that really conjures up some lovely memories ~ a must see

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Trnwt086.jpg (31639 bytes) Its Riverboats

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Fodvf176.jpg (13286 bytes) Its Watermelon

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A_dic053.wmf (1234 bytes) Its Kudzu

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cottonboll.gif (41063 bytes) Its Cotton

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B_oeq296.wmf (7676 bytes) Its Writers

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guitar.gif (7048 bytes) And, of course, its Music

  • B. B. King's Worldblues Web Site ~ B. B.'s major impact on the development of modern blues and rock & roll music

  • The Blue Highway ~ winds past the plantation houses of the Mississippi Delta to the south-side clubs and tenements of postwar Chicago. While it's
    a somber trip, humbling, and even distressing, it's also enchanting
    and joyful -- and reassuring in its success

  • Alligator Records

  • Delta Blues Museum ~ Special Features at the Museum, Continuing the Legacy-The Delta Blues Today, Links to Other Blues Sites

  • Mississippi Music Hall of Fame ~ Showcasing successful Mississippi musicians and encouraging public interest and education about Mississippi's musical heritage

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"Wompuss has painted a warm, inviting picture of her homestate, Mississippi. Very nice graphics, soothing music, fun facts and, recipes are just a few of the goodies you'll find on this award-winning Tripod Hometown site! Please take some time to drop by and visit. You won't be disappointed!" 10/19/99

of POD

and Honorable Mention in the Hometown Pod June, 1999 Newsletter
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"Pick a Bale of Cotton"

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