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Talk with wompuss

Welcome to wompuss world. Please make yourself at home. Put your feet up. Sit a spell. Wompuss will respond to cat-related questions in the discussion forum above.
This web is dedicated to my precious angel doll, Holiday Inn Wompuss Johnson Durand. He was well-loved. Please read Holly's Story here.

Juicey made this beautiful tribute for him. Thank you so much, Juicey.

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Holiday Inn Wompuss Johnson Durand by Peter Durand
What a perfect drawing, Peter! Thank you so much.
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There is biographical information about wompuss at my About Me page. A link to Paradise is included there as well as my Resume. My boys, Holiday Inn and VP, the felines who share their lil' fuzzy hearts with me, are pictured there as well. RD, my number-one-two-legged non-fuzzy boy is pictured there also.
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Explore the charm of the Deep South at my   award-winning Mississippi Delta page.
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See poems, photos and links to my online friends websites on my SLC Gang page, dedicated to a special group of friends I have made first online, then met in real life. The deep and abiding feelings I have for these friends, especially my best friend, Juice, are expressed on my Friendship page. Links to Juice's pages and my other pages can be found on my Favorite Links page. General links to share with your online friends can be found on my Friendship Links page.
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Don't miss Wistful Wisteria Wishes, my pages dealing with teaching tolerance.
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There is a Graphics page for you to find graphics for your own website. A link back to wompuss would be appreciated, if you use any of these graphics. Juicey has taught me how to make Snow Globes now. Please see the fantastic globes we have made, grab one for your site, or e-mail me for a custom globe.
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My life's work is as an instructor of Culinary Arts. My Recipes pages are constantly being updated with tried- and-true recipes. I hope you will find one you like there. Also, if your web site contains recipes, cooking tips, and/or links to culinary resources, please join my Culinary Arts Web Ring. You do not have to be a professional chef to join.
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Christmas has always been a special time of year for my family and my For Mummy page and Ho Ho Ho pages reflect that joy. The story on the For Mummy page is one our family reads out loud every Christmas, and it never fails to bring tears to our eyes.
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Romance ~ Everybody needs some. Visit my Romance page for "The Owl and the Pussycat" and a lovely poem by T. W. Martindale. Thank you for allowing me to publish your delightful poem, T. W.. A link to my Happy Valentine's Day page is included here. Share this online greeting with your friends and sweethearts.
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Mummy's Birthday page is a poem Mummy mailed to me. Happy Birthday, Mummy. This poem is also appropriate to share with your Mom on Mother's Day or just anytime you want to make her smile.
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Please feel free to share my Easter Greetings page with your online friends.wompiewebbulnew.gif (3957 bytes)
See what makes our family's Fourth of July fantastic!
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The Dash is a thought-provoking poem Papplewick, an online friend, emailed to me years ago. Bammers, another online friend, was so inspired by it that she dedicated a sermon to me about it. Thank you, Papplewick and Bammers.
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Daddy's page is a memorial to my Dad, who died when I was a teenager. Although it was one of the hardest things I have ever written, I felt as if I had come to terms with my memories of him by creating it. I hope to someday hear from my relatives and share his legacy with them.
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My sister, Ella, has done extensive genealogical research about her family roots. Visit her page to find out about the Ella Canon Davis Fan Club.
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If you are interested in joining web rings (online communities of web pages of folks with interests similiar to yours), visit my Web Rings and Pods page to see which ones I belong to. You can also order hard-to-find tapes and CDs from there.
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Scroll right on down to the bottom of the page for my Microsoft FrontPage Tutorials.
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Finally, please sign my guestbook before you leave. Thanks for stopping by!
Ya'll come back soon, ya hea?
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